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So, you’re interested in a career in the commercial interiors industry. Excellent choice.  The industry is looking for a variety of roles that are in demand now – and will be even more in the future. When you make the decision to join the commercial interiors industry, you are choosing a career with endless possibilities.


One of the best things about working in this industry is that we don’t just sell products, we solve problems!  When our customers come to us, something is changing in their business and they need our knowledge and expertise to help them understand the impact of this change and how to create a workplace that fosters innovation, growth and the overall wellbeing of their employees.” –Sid Meadows; Founder and Principal, Embark CCT

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Looking for an exciting, fast-paced industry with a variety of growth opportunities? A career in the commercial interiors industry provides a variety of opportunities, now and in the future.  

“Commercial interiors is a little industry where you can make a big impact.  It is not an industry where you will be lost in the shuffle, but instead one where you can find purpose, chase your dreams and make real change in the world.” – Dave Bloch, CEO and President, INDEAL Inc.

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The Commercial Interiors Industry

This is a thriving industry, focused on innovation and advancement. For students and graduates, this business offers incredible opportunities for long-term growth and success.

By the Numbers:

$13.56 ↑ $14.83 Billion

The Office Furniture Industry increased $13.56 billion in 2016 to $14.83 billion in 2019 according to BIFMA


$95.27 Billion

The forecasted value of the office furniture market globally in U.S. dollars by 2024, according to Statistica



Design firms in the U.S (a 3.2% year over year increase)



Designers in the U.S (a 2.9% year over year increase)



Of individuals who work in the industry described their mental health as good, very good or excellent, according to a study, conducted by INDEAL Cares 

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A Changing Landscape

The industry is changing rapidly. What was once a male dominated industry is transforming to a younger, and more diverse industry, according to Solomon Coyle,  an organization that has been conducting industry focused research for 20+ years.

We are also seeing other trends in terms of hiring needs, and objectives:

  • Design and Project Management roles are growing in demand, and morphing, due to changes in the sales process.
  • An enhanced focus on people in the workplace and an employee focused approach has impacted sales roles.
  • Individuals coming from interior design, construction management, and finance have historically been great candidates for the industry

Choosing a career in the Commercial interiors industry offers a wide range of opportunities for students and new graduates to explore.

“Who cares about office furniture, right? That’s what I thought until I got into the industry. I learned that it is one of the most important and unique industries you can enter. It is an important industry; one where you can help make a difference.”

Rob Kirkbride, editor-in-chief, Bellow Press

An Overview of the Industry

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The commercial interiors industry offers many exciting and diverse career paths. Click here to learn more about exciting career opportunities, as well as volunteer and internship openings in the commercial interiors industry, courtesy of our Founding Partners.