The Dovetail Advantage

Here at Dovetail, we are focused on the future of the commercial interiors industry. Our mission is to raise the profile of the industry by attracting talented, diverse young professionals. As a result, we’ll see long-term growth – which is great for us all!

There has never been a unified effort to strategically recruit the brightest minds into the commercial interiors industry. Dovetail knows that the industry needs an integrated, deliberate approach – from all leaders and companies –┬áto ensure strength and vibrancy, ┬áboth now and in the future.

We are giving you the opportunity to join us in our effort to provide the industry with qualified and diverse individuals.

Are you passionate about supporting the commercial interiors industry? Do you want to demonstrate leadership, and help to sustain our mission? Then read on to learn more about how your organization can become a Founding Partner today.

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